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Emotional and Physical Healing

Physical Reiki sessions in Barcelona province. 
Distant Reiki sessions Worldwide.

Meet Evan

Reiki Master
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My name is Evangelos and I channel the Universal Life Force (aka "Prana", "Ki" or Chi") to help you Clear any Energetic Imbalances and activate or strengthen the Healing Process of your Body.


With Reiki I can focus on Physical Issues such as Pain, Infections, Inflammations etc, Emotional Blockages such as Anxiety and Fear, or I can give you a general session. According to Quantum Physics everything in universe is Energy vibrating in different speeds, so Reiki can even be used for Manifestation Goals and Intention is key.


My credentials include 2 different certificates for Usui Ryoho Reiki Master (one is accredited by the "Alianza Española de Reiki" in Madrid) as well as more certificates/trainings for Crystal Reiki Master, Animal Reiki Practitioner, Shamanic Healing, Aromatherapy and Akashic Records. Currently I keep expanding more in the areas of Energy Healing and I also study Nutritional Therapy.

Outside of the healing realm, I have a bachelor´s degree in Computer Science and two master degrees in Marketing and Business Management.


Being a Reiki Master is first of all an investment to myself and I keep evolving everyday, because having any title means little if you don´t work on it.


I will be more than honored if you allow me to help you with your Healing Process and Manifestation Goals.

Meet Evan
Why Reiki

Why Reiki?

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Physical Issues & Pain

Reiki activates your immune system and heals your body in the Cell level, by getting rid of any energies that are not necessary for you and letting space for the body to get stronger.

Personal Goals & Manifestation

Everything that exists and everything that happens is Energy vibrating in different speeds. Reiki can be sent for a specific situation, with the intention to remove any blockages that can be responsible for holding it back.


Toxins are negative energy held into the body, so when the immune system "wakes up" with Reiki, it will put extra work on removing the toxins that create these energetic blockages.

Emotional Blockages & Pain

Reiki gives the client a sense of wholeness and safety. These kind of experiences are the ones that let the mind run free, and help the body understand that it has the ability to process or surpass past traumas and situations for its highest good. Clients often say that they leave with a confidence and a relief that helps them cope with situations that seemed much more difficult before.

Reach a higher state of consciousness

Reiki helps the mind and body to relax and reach easier into a deep meditative state. Many clients have told me that during a session they see images or they appear to be walking somewhere that they feel good, like the beach or a mountain. Also, by working on Spiritual blockages and giving the body this sense wholeness and safety, it is much easier to relax and reach this higher level of connection with all life around us.

Why Reiki 2



“During our sessions I felt that I was gradually relaxing and that I was releasing all the accumulated pressure. In the long-term I can say that the sessions helped me a lot with my insomnia issues and after long time I could really sleep without any breaks in the between. I definitely suggest Evan as an excellent Reiki Practitioner.”

— Thalia from Greece (Physical Session)

Sessions & Courses

If you are unsure about which service is better for you, or if you need something that you can´t find, please contact me.

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