1 Distant Reiki Session for Healing.

1 Distant Reiki Session for Healing.

A Distant Reiki session for a person in any location Worldwide, which includes Crystal Healing and Aura Cleansing.


In this Distant Reiki session we can work on a specific Physical, Emotional or Mental aspect that you wish to Heal, or we can do a general Reiki session that will serve for your Highest Good.


Available options:

  • Energy Boost: 20 minutes for 15€
  • Healing: 1 hour for 45€
  • Deep Healing: 1.5 hour for 60€


Check FAQ for more info on distant sessions.

  • This service can take place with live communication with the client (through phone call or video call), or the client can receive Reiki at the agreed time without live communication. Both options are available and both options have the same result.

    Having a live call, or not, doesn't affect the effectiveness of Distant Reiki.