Distant Reiki for Manifestation.

Distant Reiki for Manifestation.


Distant Reiki can be used to Clear Energy Blockages for any Personal or Professional situation and let the Energy Flow Freely, without obstacles. 

This can help in so many situations, when you may feel stuck, waiting for a change and for anything that you want to Manifest and send energy to it.


This service is personalised, it includes energy reading and I use a Crystal Energy Grid made only for that specific person and goal.


Price: 15€/session

Optional: Energy reading on a specific question with a plus of 5€


Check FAQ for more info on distant sessions.

  • After I know what you need to manifest and have all the basic information that I need from you (full name, birthday, etc.), I will perform the reiki ritual in the next 72 hours and send you back an email with photos and all the information that I could pick.

    This service is not a live service, meaning that it does not include a call with me and the client doesn't need to be available at a specific time.