Reiki School - Levels I, II, III (Master Symbol) and IV (Teacher Level)

Reiki School - Levels I, II, III (Master Symbol) and IV (Teacher Level)

In Healing Influence you also have the option to learn Reiki and use it for your own wellbeing, your friends and family, or even reach the Master level and practice professionally!


Reiki is taught in four levels and each level is a seperate course:

  • Reiki Level I, also known as "Shoden".
  • Reiki Level II, also known as "Okuden".
  • Reiki Level III, also known as "Shinpiden". Includes attunement of Master Symbol, to use it on yourself or others.
  • Reiki Level IV, also known as "Gokui Kaiden". This is the maximum Master/Teacher level.


If you need to understand more about what is Reiki, please check the following links on Reiki principles and history:


To see more details on the courses, prices and book a date, please read the sections below.

  • With every Reiki level you get:

    • A complete class including the history and philosophy of Reiki, meditations and breathing exercises.
    • Necessary initiations and symbols to open the channels of connection with Reiki.
    • Official Manuals by the Spanish Alliance of Reiki.
    • Official Certificate by the Spanish Alliance of Reiki, certifying you as a practitioner of the Reiki Level that you were taught.
    • Continuous support and guidance on your steps as a Reiki practitioner.


    The Japanese Usui System of the Spanish Alliance of Reiki is currently the most complete in regards to the contents of Traditional Japanese Reiki and Modern Japanese Reiki, since it contains teachings of the original Japanese Usui Shiki Ryoho system, as well as all the teachings and contents by Gendai Reiki-Ho, Rei-Do Reiki and Shinden Reiki.

    The practitioners and teachers certified by the Spanish Alliance of Reiki are part of the lineage of the aforementioned Japanese schools and receive the highest and most complete level of training recognized internationally.